Come dance with us!

Pre Ballet
Building a foundation in Ballet for young dancers.

Ballet aimed at the preschool level our program is for children specifically from 3 to 5 years old. An introduction to classical ballet including basic movement principles, technique, and vocabulary. The right balance between fun and learning children are encouraged to use their imagination, work on coordination, rhythm and balance. *3 to 5 year old (45-minute class)*

Jazz/Tap Combo
A fusion of Jazz and Ballet technique interpreting emotion through music.

Students spend the first half of class working on basic jazz principles, technique, and vocabulary. The second half of the class students work on tap instruction learning to make sounds and rhythm. It is a great introduction for young dancers that will spark a life-long love of dance and movement.

Ballet classes are the building blocks for your child's overall success as a dancer.

Ballet is the foundation of ALL dance forms. Learning one’s center is key in learning to dance. Students will be introduced to ballet concepts, technique, and vocabulary. Ballet is a beautiful balance of strength, control, and grace. Classes are traditionally organized, including stretching, barre work, porte de bras, adagio, pirouettes, petite and grand allegro.

Fun and energetic Jazz classes bring out individual dance styles.

Jazz may include elements of street jazz, broadway and even contemporary movements. Warm up exercises are designed specifically to increase flexibility and strength. Center floor performed to music new and old combinations consist of turns, leaps, and require body control.

Learn the importance of sound and rhythm through tap.

Tap is a creative avenue for students to develop musicality, syncopation and rhythms. Students are taught the ability to combine musicality with performance quality.

A fusion of Jazz and Ballet technique interpreting emotion through music.

Contemporary dance is intricate and physical. The dancers change levels and direction quickly and seamlessly. Contemporary dance may deal with abstract concepts, images, or emotional extremes. It has a rawness that sets it apart from plot-driven ballets or jazz.

Modern dance was formed as a break away from the structure of classical ballet.

There are many pioneers in Modern dance such as Martha Graham and Lester Horton, who emphasize a whole-body approach including contractions and release, flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness to allow freedom of expression.

Hip Hop
Upbeat, high energy, and rhythmic combinations make up this popular style of dance.

Hip-Hop combines the latest street and funk styles seen in music videos to create a fund and exciting class for all to experience. This class has been designed to introduce children to basic hip-hop technique combined with fundamental concepts of jazz.

Learn strength, flexibility and tumbling through gymnastic techniques.

A combination of gymnastics and dance. The students work on strength and conditioning while learning a variety of tricks head/hand stands, aerials, cartwheels, bridges, front/back walkover and more.

Learn the fundamentals of correct en pointe technique.

Pointe is offered to students who have mastered the knowledge and technique of ballet and have the required strength to dance en pointe. This requires ballet classes three times per week.

Jumps & Turns
Learn the fundamentals of turns, jumps, leaps and kicks to strengthen your Jazz techniques.

A course designed to strengthen technical jazz dance elements. Students work on the fundamental aspects of Jazz. Most of the class work is done through progressions across the floor that includes turns, jumps, leaps and kicks.

Adult Classes
Participate in a fun and energetic way to stay in shape and express yourself.
Spark or rekindle your love of dance in one of our adult dance classes. No matter what your experience level, we have a class for you. Classes for adults with little to no dance experience.

1.Ballet– Learn the fundamentals of body placement, flexibility and strength in our adult ballet class
2. Tap – Improve your balance, flexibility and posture through in-depth warm-ups and across the floor patterns that focus on fundamentals and clean rhythms.


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