COVID-19 Protocols

We understand the serious impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on our community. We will continue to monitor the news regarding the virus and follow all CDC guidelines. We also understand the importance of maintaining as much normalcy as possible for our kids.

The following is a detailed list of how Center Stage promises to follow along with regulations set by the state and the CDC.
*Please note that this is an ever-changing situation and this page will be updated as regulations change.

The dance season will begin on August 17th.
*Please remember, in-person classes will be limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please take a minute to read through these guidelines to familiarize yourself and your dancer with our new procedures.

We have a new release form that ALL registered dancers need to complete before taking their first class. You are welcome to bring the attached form with you or pick one up from our staff when you arrive.

Once the Dress Code opens, in the top right corner,
click the “download” button 

Arrival & Pick-up

At Home
Parents are encouraged to self-screen their child at home, prior to coming to the studio each day. Self-screening shall include checking temperature, and checking for symptoms including cough, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal symptoms, abdominal pain, unexplained rash, new loss of taste/smell, muscle aches, or any other symptoms that feel like a cold. Any child with a fever of 99.4°F or above or any other signs of illness should stay home. Students who stay home are encouraged to participate in class remotely.

Drop-off for Class
Children will be dropped off curbside and enter and exit through the exterior door of their dance room, where they are greeted by their teacher. Bring your dance shoes and water bottle in a plastic tote.

Parents, caregivers, siblings and or guests arriving/dropping off students will remain in their vehicles.

Children must remove their street shoes at the entrance of the studio. Please do not wear your dance shoes outside. This includes your hip hop shoes. All dance shoes should ONLY be worn in the studio.

Children will enter the building wearing a mask and their dance clothes. Dancers will not be allowed to change clothes between classes. *Children 5 and under do not have to wear masks.

Children will maintain proper social distance as they enter in the studio. They will be greeted by their instructor upon entry.

Pick-up from Class
Students will be escorted outside for curbside pick-up. It is imperative that each student is picked up on time to limit contact with the next class, and for our staff to remain free to clean the studio. If a student’s ride is going to be late due to unavoidable circumstances, the office must be notified as soon as possible. The student will remain in a designated indoor area (lobby) away from groups. Frequent tardy pick-ups must be avoided.

What To Bring
Please limit personal belongings to only necessary items like water bottles, shoes, phone and keys, and keep them in your crate.
  • Face Covering/Mask
  • Water bottles may be brought to class if they have a cover and are labeled with the child’s first and last name.
  • Shoes for additional classes should be carried in a personal/mini plastic crate (Dimensions: 9 x 7.88 x 6.13) which will be carried into the dance room, used to hold student’s belongings during class, and carried out when the student leaves (Please label your child’s crate with their first and last name and sanitize their crate at home each week following class. Crates can be purchased at Amazon, Target, Walmart and Dollar Tree). 

**All personal items including crates, masks, shoes, and water bottles must be labeled with child’s first and last name.

Please sanitize all items at home each week following class.
In-Class Protocol

Preparing for your arrival, we had the studio professionally disinfected and sanitized, and we have allotted cleaning breaks in between EACH class to ensure all of our surfaces remain squeaky clean!

  • Center Stage staff will take temperatures with a contact-free thermometer.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each dance space. Children will be required/instructed to use hand sanitizer before entering their dance space.
  • Once in the space, children will be instructed to place their crate in a designated area inside the classroom
  • All personal items will be kept inside the crate during class when not in use
  • Children will put their dance shoes on upon entering their classroom
  • Dance shoes and masks must be worn at all times
  • Children will refrain from any physical contact and maintain six feet social distance during class
  • Floors will be marked with signage to indicate proper social distance
  • The studio cannot exceed the child to staff ratios permitted by the state. If space permits, we will add additional classes as needed.
  • Children will be allowed to go to the bathroom one at a time. Center Stage staff will be available to assist when needed.
  • Please encourage your child to wash their hands after each bathroom use. Hand Sanitizer must be used prior to reentering the dance space.

If a Student Becomes Sick
If a student begins exhibiting symptoms after they arrive to class, they will be removed from the classroom and will wait in a designated area (lobby) away from groups. Our office staff will contact parents to pick up their child immediately. Our office staff will notify classmates’ parents by email of possible exposure, and any confirmed case of COVID-19. Parents must always keep their contact information up to date in our system. Symptomatic children and staff will be required to take a 14-day leave of absence, and a doctor’s note will be required to return to in-person dance classes. Center Stage will notify all studio families and local health officials about large increases in child and staff absences or substantial increases in respiratory illnesses (like the common cold or the “flu,” which have symptoms similar to symptoms of COVID-19).

Cleaning Protocol

All dance rooms will be cleaned and sanitized after each class.

Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized several times throughout the day.

All areas of the dance studio will be thoroughly cleaned every night after closing.

The studio will be cleaned professionally bi-weekly.

Our Plan

Our plan is to operate under these guidelines for as long as needed. We have planned for multiple possibilities with your children’s best interest at the forefront. If you have any questions or concerns with this information please e-mail the studio or call our office (828) 654-7010 with your concerns. The well-being of our students and their families is our #1 priority.

As always, thank you for being a part of our Center Stage family!

We have a new release form that ALL registered dancers need to complete before taking their first class. You are welcome to bring the attached form with you or pick one up from our staff when you arrive.

Once the Dress Code opens, in the top right corner,
click the “download” button